10 Print Marketing Products To Promote Your Business

10 Print Marketing Products To Promote Your Business

When you are in charge of a business, especially if it is a small business, then you are always trying to come up with great marketing campaigns. However, most of the time you are very much limited by your budget. One way to beat this is to use print marketing products that are proven to send your marketing message across the right demographics.

You must first understand that you do not need a very big marketing campaign just to send out the right message to your target customers. In most cases, you just need some printed promotional items to help you with this. You can turn to print management Melbourne companies who can assist you with this goal.

1. Posters

Every business should have a poster. For decades posters have been a mainstay in every marketing campaign and their effectiveness has not diminished. Just make sure you are placing your posters at the right places where your customers frequent and can easily notice it.

2. Hand out some flyers.

Flyers are not just for fast food chains announcing their new promo meals. Every business can benefit from a set of flyers that are properly distributed. And distribution is the key. You must find out where your customers are and be there to hand out your flyers.

3. Stationery

Office stationery should not be dull and ordinary. Get your business logo, address and contact details printed on each of your stationery pieces. You will never know where a piece of it might turn up.

4. Brochures

Get a bunch of brochures printed and hand them out to any customer who would walk in or to any person for that matter. Brochures quickly change hands especially if they are beautifully designed and unique. An experienced printing Melbourne specialist can produce the best brochures for your business.

5. Mail some postcards.

Do you have a mailing list? Make good use of it by sending everyone in your list a postcard and maybe a little souvenir just to get their attention. Print a little message on the postcard together with your business name, contact details and any promo you may want to inform them.

6. Books

While book printing may not be for any business, it is actually a good idea to commemorate a milestone. Are you celebrating your 10th anniversary in business? That is a feat by itself. Celebrate it by having a book published about your company’s history or a coffee table book filled with pictures. This will make a good giveaway, especially to your loyal customers.

7. Banners

There is nothing like announcing to the world in a big way. And banners are just the right print marketing tool for that. You can place one in front of your shop or at another location. Anywhere that your customers would be walking by and take notice of it.

8. Displays

Printed displays are effective attention grabbers whether in your own store or in an outside venue. It can also serve as a stand and rack for your products. Just come up with a unique design so people can immediately notice it.

9. Keytags and keyrings

These two promotional items are here to stay for a very long time. Because for as long as people would be carrying their keys around, they would always need keyrings and key tags. Just do not forget to put your logo on these items for best recall.

10. T-shirt printing

Make your customers your very own walking billboards. Create an astounding t-shirt design, and do not forget about your business logo, and have as many t-shirts printed as you possibly can. Then hand them out as giveaways or as contest prizes and your business will be promoted anywhere your customers would wear your t-shirts.

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