Choosing the Right Printer for Your Postcard Printing Needs

Choosing the Right Printer for Your Postcard Printing Needs

One of the most effective marketing methods for increasing sales is through the distribution of postcards. The message can be communicated directly to your customers and they are very affordable and inexpensive.

Advanced printing technologies with up-to-date machines will enable several different postcards to be printed at the same time and they can all have a different design, for a lot less. For that reason, choosing a reputable printer is the first and most important step before signing a printing contract.

Postcards are generally viewed at a very close distance. Therefore, quality is the first consideration while choosing the printer. The printer should be capable of delivering the best quality at an affordable price. Go through the samples of their prints and consult their existing customers on the quality of services they offer.

The postcard printer should have a fully equipped prepress as well as post press section. In the prepress section, qualified and professional graphic designers should advise you on designs, fonts, color schemes, formats, layouts etc. For example, the screen or resolution to be used for a graphic largely depends on the type of paper to be used for printing. A coarse, uncoated paper may not require very fine screen rulings or resolution. But coated, high-quality paper always require higher resolution, otherwise the image may get pixilated and may become unacceptable.

The printer you are going to select for printing your postcard should have advanced printing machines capable of printing minimum four colors. The new age computer process controlled printing machines require minimum manual adjustments in terms of ink-water balance and can therefore churn out more consistent high quality prints. Other crucial adjustments like print density, print clarity, etc. are also taken care of by the electronic sensors for delivering desirable quality.

It is important to choose a printer that has the ability to handle paper of varying sizes and thickness. There could be additional costs incurred if the printing machine does not support the paper you have chosen for your project. Also, if the machine cannot handle very thin or heavy gauge papers then the printed output may not reflect the desired quality. By reviewing all of these issues with the printer, in advance of making a commitment, will ensure that your project will meet the specified deadline and the output will contain the desired quality in which you have initially intended.

Your postcard printer should be able to provide any and all of your printing requirements in one place. For example, they should have a post press operation as well as a mailing facility. With a post press division the printed postcards can be visually enhanced with treatments such as lamination, perforation, varnishing and so much more.

If the postcard printer can offer you special services like handling mailing lists, marketing programs, or tailor-made corporate programs like variable data printing, network mailer, or account management facilities, you can expect a hassle-free end-to-end solutions.

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