Conversational Hypnosis Is A Powerful Sales Weapon

Conversational Hypnosis Is A Powerful Sales Weapon

Sales Executives employ many successful sales techniques. One of the most interesting techniques is conversational hypnosis. So what is this technique and how can you use it to increase sales?

What is conversational hypnosis? Conversational hypnosis, often referred to as covert hypnosis, is actually a communication style. Some people use conversational hypnosis without knowing that they are using it. People use the communication style for various reasons, but it’s well known as a way that successful sales executives communicate with their clients. By purposely applying conversational hypnosis, the salesperson is able to project their message in a way that encourages the client to agree and cooperate.

In order for conversational hypnosis to be effective, you have to build rapport with the client. You must converse in a way that causes the client to identify with you and want to build a relationship with you. At that point, you can begin to implement carefully chosen words or specific body language to slightly influence the client’s actions.

Conversational hypnosis doesn’t rely on words alone. Body language and movement play a part in the conversation as well. Perhaps the person you’re speaking with has not noticed the beautiful vase of flowers on the table next to you. But if you glance over at the flowers, most likely the other person will notice, and will also look at the flowers. Without saying a word, you have caused them to notice the flowers. This use of subtle body language is very effective in influencing people to take a specific action, without ever actually asking them to do so.

Another approach, which is more verbal and direct, is to tell someone not to do something or think of something. As you may know, this automatically makes you do or think of what was spoken of. This approach is often referred to as reverse psychology. You may have heard parents talk about using reverse psychology to get their children to do what they want them to do, but reverse psychology is an important factor in conversational hypnosis. Reverse psychology can be effective because when a particular phrase is used, the mind has to process the phrase by using some point of reference.

A salesperson may choose to simply plant a thought directly in the mind of the customer, by making an outright positive statement about his product: “Your floor would really shine with just one fast and easy application of this superior wax.” The customer begins to consider what the salesman has said and begins to think favorably about the product. The customer has been influenced by the salesman’s words and is now leaning toward purchasing the wax that could easily provide him with a shiny floor.
Can you think of times when you’ve been susceptible to conversational hypnosis? Perhaps your son or daughter has unknowingly used conversational hypnosis techniques to persuade you to buy them a new video game, or new clothes. At other times you may have been susceptible to conversational hypnosis methods used by TV advertising, ads on the internet, or when speaking to telemarketers on the phone.

If you’re serious about boosting sales figures, you should strongly consider learning and applying conversational hypnosis methods. The simple method of causing the customer to connect with you and see your perspective, rather than their preconceived notions, is very effective and, when mastered to the point of not being detected by customers, can significantly increase sales for you and your company.

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