First steps in Affiliate Marketing

First steps in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing works. Why? Because internet technology allows the online merchant to track the referrals that you send to their web site through a special link (hop link), and if that referral purchases something through your link then merchant pay you money for the referral. How to get started? Step by step.

1. Join affiliate networks such as or These networks represent hundreds of merchants in one place, so it is easier to join programs and manage links.

2. Create a website so you have somewhere to put product reviews and of course the special links, banners.

3. Create the links to specific products or sites using the merchants affiliate marketing tools.

4. Place these links on your website, in your email newsletter, on your social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, etc.

5. DO NOT SPAM. Some people post their affiliate link on their Twitter profile 10 times in a row. It`s big big mistake. You don’t get followers and fans in this way. Instead, add value in other ways, be part of the community, and every once in a while post an affiliate link.

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