How To Choose Your Marketing Gifts

How To Choose Your Marketing Gifts

It has been proven that using marketing gifts such as stationery, mugs and other items have a huge impact on a company’s brand recognition as well as the customer being able to recall a business. If you can include items that your customers will use on a daily basis in your bank’s marketing plans, you’ll build a more trusting and loyal base of customers. Here are just a few pointers to keep in mind when looking to choose the best marketing gifts for customers and leads to your bank.

Pick an item that your clients can use: Make your company stand out from the crowd by giving out customized marketing gifts that clients can use for a while. The main idea here is very simple-if your marketing gifts are within reach of your clients and prospects for a long period of time, these clients are more likely to turn into new businesses and referrals.

Make sure the item that you choose is something that will be visible. Don’t include small items that are going to end up in the closet or the “random stuff” drawer, where they’re forgotten. Instead, go with items that will be used and displayed, like personalized calendars, a mug, a magnet or something that is seen each day, on display.
Pick a gift relative to your business: Items that can complement and promote your products and services should be the first in your bank’s marketing programs. Making the most out of brand recognition is when you use marketing gifts to help clients and prospective clients to become curious about what your bank can provide. You will need to unleash your creativity and resourcefulness to make it happen.

Choose gifts that last: It might seem cute to get cookies or popcorn in a custom tin, but that tin will probably be thrown out after the cookies are gone. The memory of the gift and the kindness will quickly fade. Offer marketing gifts that are non-disposable, as they’ll stay around much longer and have a much bigger impact.

Pick an item that customers can enjoy: You want your clients and prospects to look forward to receiving the marketing gift that you have to offer. Peak their interest with that, and their interest in your products and services will be peaked too. A few common ideas known to be effective include:

* Reusable tote bags and lunch bags

* Desk and wall calendars

* Hats and caps

*Cups, mugs, and thermoses

Well-designed and packaged marketing gifts will work to create goodwill and enhance the positive image of your business. Banks marketing themselves properly know that the first impression you make can be the last impression if your gifts are lacking, or worse yet, absent. Furthermore, present customers and major contributors should occasionally be acknowledged and appreciated with marketing gifts. In order to successfully let people know that your company is worth utilizing for future business, your gifts should be interesting, memorable, and reflect the values that your company adheres to.

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